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Centralized Wastewater-Heatrecovery

Hotels and restaurants as well as commercial kitchens for example in hospitals, barracks, homes or other kind of facilities are few of the many possible applications of FERCHER Wastewater-Heatexchangers Type AWT-928.

Zentrale Abwasserwärmerückgewinnung in einem Hotel Wärmetauscher Innenansicht Wärmetauscher
  AWT-928 connected in series,
mounted on the ceiling
Internal view of the AWT-928 during operation  

The wastewater reaches the heatexchangers with approx. 45°C. There is no need to separate or filter waste-water before the heatexchanger, which reduces overall cost of the intallation.

In the heatexchanger the freshwater gets heated to an average of approx. 30°C.

Even if the total wastewateer of the facility is used, including water from toilets for example, the AWT-928 heatexchanger can deal with that no problem and still recover the heat from the wastewater.