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We have developed our own calculation-software to calculate our heatexchangers in any operation mode, and calculate the projected values for heat-transfer-power, pressure-drops and more. If you send us your data, for example volume-flows or mass-flows, temperatures, types of fluids etc., we are glad to create a small calculation for You, free-of-charge and unbinding.

Ask for dimensioning/calculation and offer (free of charge and unbinding):

Our services:

Dimensioning / Calculations

Heat-Recovery - Planning/Studies/Calculations

We plan heat-recovery applications of all sizes, including calculations, depending on size approx. 10 to 20 pages.

Planning/construction and delivery of machine parts of all kinds

We create ready-to-manufacture plans according to your specifications or drafts. We also can deliver.

Heatexchangers-Services (special-constructions, repairs, replacement-parts)

We repair heatexchangers and provide you with replacement parts.