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FERCHER Heatexchanger in a brewery/still


While other heatexchangers would cease to function in such conditions, our heatexchangers still work with highly contaminated fluids.


In this case, four FERCHER AWT-928 heatexchangers are used to recover heat from the used mash (approx. 75°C) and from the cooling-water (approx. 60°C) of a distillery.

Due to the robust and open construction (on the wastewater-side), the heatexchanger can handle even large particles in the wastewater, for example fruit-stones.

Wärmetauscher Destillerie / Brennerei


Wärmetauscher Destille

Image: The FERCHER AWT-928 spray-system in use.

The gained heat energy is mainly used for heating storage and office rooms in the building.