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Wastewater-Heatexchanger Thin-Film-Flow Principle

Problems with regular heatexchangers

When transferring heat from contaminated wastewater to a clean fluid, we are sure the only good way is to use the film-flow principle. Closed systems like pipe-in-pipe or plate-heatexchangers are not suitable for wastewater and most probably clog after very short operation times. Additionally, those systems cannot be maintained or cleaned during operation.

The solution by FERCHER: Wastewater-Filmflow

FERCHER wastewater-heatexchangers use the film-flow principle, which means that the wastewater freely flows in the form of a thin pressureless film on the outside of the so called FERCHER FB-1 absorber-plate (see fig.1). The FB-1 absorber-plate has a special pressed profile (fig.2), which induces turbulence into the wastewater flow, which in turn increases the heat-transfer significantly and also helps in transporting forward contaminations in the waste-water.

Cleaning and maintenance without interruption of operation

Due to this principles, FERCHER wastewater-heatechangers can be inspected and cleaned without interruption of operation (see fig.3). Cleaning can be done for example with a pressure-water cleaner or a brush. In most cases however, no cleaning is necessary, because most contaminations will be automatically transported forward on the absorber-plate due to the induced turbulence, similar to how waste is automatically transported forward in a sewer system.