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Wastewater - Heatpump - Sewage-Canal-Heatexchanger

We have solutions for every kind of wastewater-flows, even with very low temperature deltas.

Unlike integrated sewage-pipe heatexchangers, which need to be layed out over very long distances, our FB-4/S heatexchanger has a much higher cost to power ratio.

FERCHER Abwasserwärmetauscher

The sewage water is pumped into the heatexchanger by a wastewater pump.

Inside the heatexchanger the wastewater flows above the absorber plates in the form of a pressureless film-flow, transfers the heat to the absorber-plate and then flows back into the sewer.

Download: Application Documentation (PDF-Format)

In this case the heatexchanger is combined with a heat pump.

The heatexchanger is operated with an intermediate fluid of -3°C, which is in turn heated by the wastewater and then flows through the heat-pump.

The sewage water temperature is about 8°C, even with this small temperatures, a lot of energy can be gained.

Wärmerückgewinnung mit Wärmepumpe