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Exhaustgas-Heatexchanger with flatpressed-pipes

Problems with regular exhaustgas-heatexchangers

Regular heatexchangers with thin fins or plate-heatexchangers, which can be used for clean gasses, are not suitable for exhaust-gasses, because they most likely clog after a short time in operation. Heatexchangers made from an array of round pipes use up large volumes of space and also the fluid-flow is not optimal for those heatexchangers.

The solution by FERCHER

FERCHER exhaustgas-heatexchangers with flat-pressed-pipes induce turbulence in the gas-flow which leads to high heat-transfer powers on a small volume of space as well as very small pressure-drops on the gas-side. Additionally, the distances between the flat-pipes are large enough (9mm) to have long-lasting operation times before cleaning needs to be done (in most cases no cleaning is necessary at all). Please see fig.1

Cleaning without de-installation of the heatexchanger

FERCHER exhaustgas-heatexchangers feature inspection- and cleaning-panels on two sides, the heatexchangers can be opened (just remove the inspection-panels) and cleaned on the gas-side. Cleaning can be done for example with a pressurized-steam-cleaner or a special brush.

Extractable heatexchanger modules

We also offer exhaustgas-heatexchangers with extractable heatexchanger-modules (see fig.2), these modules can be easily extracted from the casing of the heatexchanger and subsequently for example cleaned in a submersive-cleaning-bath. When cleaned, the heatexchanger-module can be inserted back into the heatexchanger-casing and the heatexchanger can continue operation. These heatexchangers are especially useful for highly contaminated exhaust-gasses.