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FERCHER Spraytunnel (Product series EST)

For waste-air, which containts adhesive or tar-like components, we have specially developed a filter-less FERCHER- Energyspraytunnel Typ EST.

The hot waste-air will be sprayed with special water-nozzles, the heat-energy from the air is thus very efficently transferred to the water.

The heat-transfer from this hot spraywater is done via a FERCHER Wastewater-Heatexchanger Type FB.

Luftwärmetauscher, Nasswäscher, Abluftwärmetauscher

FERCHER Water-Cleaner: Silent, cheap and efficient filterless cleaning of waste-air

A nice side-effect of the heat-recovery with the FERCHER spraytunnel is that the air is automatically cleaned from particles and dust which can also lead to the reduction of odors. Even constituents which are not water soluble can possibly condensate to liquid and thus reduce odors in the air.

The fine water-droplets take the heat-energy from the hot-wasteair and at the same time clean the waste-air from macroscopic dust particles..

Oils and fats in the wasteair can adhere to the spraywater and can be washed out of the wasteair.

Because the air is cooled by the spraywater, additional water which is included in the wastair in the form of steam, will condense, so if the wasteair is very humid, water will be gained by this process.

Due to the fact that our Spraytunnels can deal with wastair of any kind, even heavily contaminated, a lot of applications are possible.

In special cases of very contaminated air, we offer a small spraytunnel for lease, so testing can be done at the site. Link: Test-Spraytunnel